Coaching Services

Are You Ready to Change Your Life?
Then you are ready for a personal empowerment! Is there a dream of yours you’ve always wanted to reach, but you just don’t know where to start? Do you have too many projects going on at once, are feeling overwhelmed and need help balancing it all? Are you going through a rough time after a life transition such as a job loss, divorce, new parent or just experiencing every day life struggles and would like to gain more control over your life? Do you just need an unbiased observer to talk to as you sort out the clutter in your mind? If any of these sound like you…then you have come to the right place! I am here to help you find what’s within your heart, build your confidence and become more self-aware so that you can reach your goals!


My Services
I personally offer coaching on both personal and professional matters. I also provide a unique astrological coaching service to those interested in understanding how the planets personally affect their life. I offer:

  • Single Coaching Sessions
  • Multi-session Coaching Packages
  • 6-Step Action Plan Coaching Package
  • New Moon Astrology Readings
  • Past Life Integrative Coaching Readings
  • Mini-Astro Email Reports on New Moon and Chiron Chart Placements
  • Workshops & Classes (In person & Online)
  • Motivational Speaking Seminars

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