Get Focused: Eliminating the Scatter in a Scattered World

• November 2, 2015 • Comments (0)

Eye close-upSometimes we find it difficult to reach our goals because there is so much going on in our lives. Whether it is work, raising children, maintaining a household, managing social engagements, being a caretaker, volunteering—it all adds up to a busy schedule, with not much time for our own pursuits. They take a back seat, and feel overwhelming to consider at times because we tend to look at the “end game” rather than take those first steps.

So how do we get back on track working towards our goals when our schedules are so hectic?

Get focused.

There are a number of ways that you can streamline your life and bring it all into focus:

1. Clearly Define Your Goals. Identify both your long-term and short-term goals. Prioritize what needs to be addressed first, and concentrate on those. What is most important to you? Do you have a career goal that you are trying to reach that you have put off? Is there a home improvement project that needs your attention? Is there a pressing family matter? A social event you are planning? Define what you want to tackle first, and feel yourself shift out of procrastination mode now that you have a clear vision.

2. Have an Action Plan. You have your schedule of “Must-Dos”, such as errands, activities and work. Based on your prioritized goals above, create a plan to work on tasks towards achieving your goals that are manageable and forward-moving. Break it down into “baby steps”—you don’t have to get everything done today! Start off with some easier objectives to get you into the flow, and you will find a natural rhythm and momentum.

3. Practice Time Management. As part of your action plan, do not underestimate the importance of setting up soft deadlines and schedules for yourself. Set target dates for each step along the way. What needs to be done daily, weekly, monthly, once, etc.? How can you keep to this schedule, or adjust it when unexpected life situations occur? (What time wasters do you practice each day that could be used for progress instead? Hmmm, social media, games, TV?) Design a plan that works with your active lifestyle. It is amazing how much more you can get accomplished with a working timeline.

4. Recognize Milestones. Acknowledge yourself every time you accomplish a task or reach a goal. The more we recognize ourselves for what we have done, the less we stress about what we have not. We are always moving forward, and with each step, we can see the big picture come into view.

It takes perhaps a few hours for you to sit down and think about your goals and objectives, and organize them into a plan. By getting focused and clear, you are able to take actionable steps that result in success, new knowledge and self-confidence. It is never too late for you to begin something you’ve put on the back burner, or only thought about. So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading and start planning!

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