CONFESSION TIME: Lifting my Own Veil

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The fabric of the Universe - spacetimeOn this week’s Confessions, my panel of guests talk about their abilities as mediums to facilitate communication between the physical and spiritual worlds. Each one had a unique experience, but one thing remained consistent in all of their sharing: how much of a gift it was for them to have this connection.

It really made me think about how scared I have been of the “unknown,” yet I have always been completely fascinated by it. I remember when I was a little girl, I was always intrigued by the commercials about the Time Life Series books, “Mysteries of the Unknown”, and secretly wanted Santa to bring them to me for Christmas. I also was in awe of the psychic gift my mom has to talk with those who have passed over, her sixth sense and her card readings, always saddened that I couldn’t do that. Truth be told, ghosts and spirits talking to me scared the living shit out of me, so I never let it in.

Over the years, as I opened my mind up to new spiritual ideas and encountered my own psychic experiences, I realized that they weren’t as scary as I thought they were. And of course, I didn’t recognize the signs of being claircognizant and clairsentient for what they were—I just thought it was simple gut instinct, and getting goose bumps for no reason. But then I started paying attention, and realized just how open and connected I already was to the realms beyond.

It really hit one day when I was in the middle of a massage, and what seemed to be a golden portal in the back of my head was opened by his hands putting pressure on that area. And boom, just like that, for the next few hours, all I saw were the past lives of everyone I walked by. It was unnerving, thrilling and cool all at the same time. I thought I was in a dream, or that I was delusional, but the images came so strong into my space, and I could literally watch the movie of their lives and feel the emotions they were feeling as they experienced pain or joy in that moment. After I got the opening under control (because I gotta tell you, it exhausts you!) and learned how to safely open and close this miraculous new psychic gift, I understood that I was in a position to help people break through pains of the past that haunt them today.

It was in this work that I experienced a medium-like connection during a reading. I was delivering the messages I was receiving about the memory, and the wound to be healed, when all of a sudden this person’s mother started speaking to me and asking me to give her a message from her. It gave my client such a peace to hear the words that were spoken, that it truly touched me on a deeper level. I had been so scared of what would happen to me if I had allowed a wall to come down and communication with those who crossed over to speak to me—yet there was nothing frightening about it at all. Even though the messages were sometimes painful to reveal, they all were based in love, forgiveness and healing, and that ability to help someone start to mend a broken heart is a gift that is so incredibly beautiful.

Now, I can speak with my own family members, or allow in connections for my clients if it’s appropriate during our session, and I am in tune completely with my own guides and angels, but I haven’t really explored the depths of this ability. I just think it’s pretty dang cool. And although I am curious about how others can talk to other spirits and what most people think of as “aliens,” I still have a bit of fear inside me about lifting that veil. Baby steps, folks.

But what I learned is that the love and joy you feel for being a facilitator trumps the fear of acknowledging there are other forces out there, or that they would harm you in some way. And that we really are quite small in relation to the vastness of the universe. It’s quite fascinating to think about what is beyond our own limited minds—and for me, it’s been even better to live this amazing experience than that little girl who wished for magic books could have ever imagined.


Check out our conversation on Lifting the Veil in this week’s Confessions show:


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