My Love Turtle

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“Perseverance has the turtle
As she patiently travels along
In her slowness she missed nothing
For she hears Mother Earth’s song
Patience, old wisdom, I’ll learn from you
Deep forest secrets and Earth Magick true.”

I love travelling. Every single time I go somewhere, especially to California, I always have some kind of profound breakthrough or sign. This time it was San Diego where I visited my friend Mimi for Thanksgiving . And of course, it all started at the beach. So peaceful and warm, once again I felt home with my feet at the very spot where ocean meets sand. I ask that the tide take away all that does not serve me in my life, and then wash onto me all of the possibilities for new opportunities to fill that happy, open space.

So after my little therapy session with the ocean, I went back and sat down in the sand next to Mimi and just started playing around. Next thing I knew, my little sandcastle attempt looked like a shell and I felt like making a turtle. I sculpted a little head, then gave him a tail and some legs, and then I thought he needed eyes and a cute smile. I then felt the impulse to draw a heart on his back. So then I laughed and told Mimi he was my little love turtle. Slowly, but surely, love was on its way. I also stuck my finger in him and made a circle and wondered why I did that. She said it was an easy button lol Later we would come to see its meaning.

So after the beach we decided to go to a Meditation Garden. It was so peaceful and beautiful, overlooking the ocean. I felt so at peace there. I meditated and received some answers I was looking for, then we headed to the gift shop. I always love to bring back something to remind me of where I’ve been, and usually its just some trinket. But this time, I asked my guides to let me find something of great value and meaning to bring back. In less than a minute, Mimi came up behind me carrying this little turtle incense holder…and there was the hole, in the same space as I drew it in the sand. You bet I bought it, and it now proudly has become the center of my altar in my bedroom.

I clearly took the turtle as a sign. My initial instinct was correct; to slow down, to be patient, to allow, to not always be in a rush. With the drawing of the heart, I took it to mean have patience about love, for it is on its way and slowly being crafted just for the both of us. But when I read up on the turtle totem, I came to realize not only how much more it meant, but how scarily accurate the message was for me now and how in tune it is with my own heart’s warning.

A turtle as a land and sea animal unites “heaven and earth”, thus a symbol of awakening psychic senses. It is a time for going within, and listening to your own inner wisdom. A turtle lives for hundreds of years for a reason; trust your inner guidance. Check.

A turtle is the symbol of female energies and motherhood, a role I am taking very seriously as I embark on a new soul path to teach women how they can be both mothers AND individual women achieving their personal dreams at the same time. Check.

A turtle carries its home with her wherever she goes. All that you need is from you and within you; and if you get tipped over, you have the strength to flip right side up and keep on going. It is safe to retreat from the world into your own shell to regain your sense of self and even protect yourself from some hurts, if only to understand why that lesson needed to be taught. It is okay to be quiet and take time for yourself. Remember that. Check.

A turtle says slow down or you will miss different opportunities or options, and end up on a windy path instead of the straight and narrow path. A slower pace gives way to balance, attention to details and careful decision making. Slow and steady wins the race 😉 Check.

A turtle symbolizes new beginnings and endings…you must allow the change to allow the space for something new to come along. Wow did I need that reminder. As sad as a loss can be, it is sometimes absolutely necessary to release it and move forward. It’s okay. It has served its purpose in your life, so bless it, thank it and let go. Almost Check.

Moral: anything that requires patience, hard work, attention to details, reassessment, a seeking of inner wisdom, a life change or a calling to connect deeper to the source within you is represented by the turtle. I keep seeing them everywhere, and I hear their message loud and clear. For at the end of this cycle of retreat is bound to be an emergence of greatness…and with Mars in Virgo supporting all that I do, I could not think of a better time to abide by this very wise message from my guides.

It’s actually a good lesson for us all; watch that busy lifestyle of yours. Take the time to truly enjoy each day, those little moments that make life shine. When we move too fast, we can’t stop to appreciate the beauty of life. Treasure it.

Embrace Your Power ~ Jenny Watson ~

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