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Welcome to my blog site! I absolutely love writing. It has been a passion of mine since I can remember. As a little girl, I would close myself off into my room and dive into a fantasyland of writing poems, music and even soap opera screenplays! I swore one day I would write a book…and I am finally closer to starting that dream. But in the meantime, I can express myself and share what is inside through this blog, and hopefully inspire, motivate, encourage or simply entertain my readers ;). So thank you for stopping by and taking the time to be here!

So, what led me to this particular path? Over the last few years, my life has gone through an incredible transformation. I had a difficult end-of-term pregnancy with my son, strained marriage, unexpected change in my job position, financial struggle, and finally, divorce. All of this upheaval prompted me to take a good, long, hard look at my life and wonder, how in the hell did I get here? It took a while before I realized, what does it matter? Just move forward and change your life, Jenny. Time for a life overhaul.

So, I moved back home near my family with my two little children and began picking up the pieces of my life. I felt free. I can’t even explain what that sense of freedom did to me on the inside. It was as if a spark of light ignited in my soul, something that had been shut down for a very long time. My amazing family stood by me and helped me transition to the life of a single mom. My job was incredibly supportive as I re-adjusted to life. My friends, whom I had distanced myself from over the years, came all out with so much support, love and forgiveness, and I found myself having fun again. I found a home that was perfect in size and location, where I feel safe with my kids and have a wonderful landlord. And although I still had the drama of divorce proceedings, figuring out visitation, dealing with a house going into foreclosure, other financial difficulties and a whole whirlwind of questions about who I really was, life started falling into place little by little.

I changed everything in my life, starting with my attitude. I couldn’t go on in self pity and despair. I had children to raise, and a life to live, and it wasn’t going to be wasted trying to figure out what went wrong. I starting meeting different people, and was introduced to an enlightened, astrological-based website community that helped change my attitude on life. I started to heal; I enjoyed going out with friends; I took my kids out on adventures; I went back to school and got my Masters in Psychology (scoring a 4.0!) and then became certified as a life coach; I created a bucket list, traveled, and tried things I was close-minded to before; I changed the dynamics of many of my relationships and empowered myself to make my own decisions and follow my own heart.

Then one by one, the “bad” things started to resolve. The house was settled, the divorce was final and support was established; a routine with the kids and their dad fell into place; all three of us went through therapy to get our lives on track; and now, today, I am loving my life and so excited for the future.

As a single mom, it hasn’t been easy. Many cannot even fathom the heartbreak of watching your kids question why their dad doesn’t live with us anymore, or holding back your own tears when theirs flow because they miss him; the difficulty of controlling your emotions in general and being strong so that you can be there for them; the challenge of juggling a home, job and family life, yet still find time for yourself; the struggle of realizing that it is OKAY to be your own person, socialize, have hobbies, have quiet time and go after your own dreams even though you are a mom (that was a toughie…and that’s what I’m here to share with others); the questions: am I doing right by my kids, am I there for them, do they feel loved, supported, are all their needs met, are they happy, are they learning, what do they see when they look at me? Love. They see love. And strength. And happiness. And determination. And a woman who does it all without skipping a beat or missing out on a hug.

It’s not perfect, and there are still some things in life I long for. But it’s damn well near perfect enough for me. This journey has been a rollercoaster of emotions, struggles and fear-facing. But it has also been eye-opening, adventuresome and self-loving. And this is just my beginning.

Embrace Your Power ~ Jenny



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  1. Fred Atanasio says:

    Love this. There’s a reason why our paths crossed. I look forward to a future that leaves us and this world inspired and moved by what is possible. Put on your seatbelt, the adventure of your life has just begun.

    -;-) Fred

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